Meet stephanie & Zach

Stephanie and Zach met 9 years ago and are now engaged planning their own wedding. When they first started dating, they would grab their cameras and go on an adventure somewhere with the intention of getting some beautiful photographs, it later turned into photographing weddings and in 2017 they went full time. Prior to meeting, Stephanie received her first camera at 7 years old and has been photographing ever since. She has won awards in the Fine Art field, receiving an award at Carnegie Hall in New York and has been published in the Boston Globe. Photography has always been her passion, she knew she wanted to make it a career after her dad passed in 2015. Her dad was a big influence for her career as well as one of her biggest supporters. After his passing, she realized how important photographs really are. Zach since he was little always had a passion for drawing. When he is not photographing alongside Stephanie, he is a children's book illustrator. These two are reliable, laid back and promise to photograph your day as your absolute biggest fan.